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Samsung announced two Gingerbread based smartphones, the Galaxy S Advanced and the Galaxy Ace Plus. Samsung also announced two tablets, a bigger screen 10-inch version of the Galaxy Tab 2 and the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Nokia announced three new phones to their line called Asha, the 202, 203, and 302. Nokia then announced that the Lumia 900 will go on sale globally. Also a new phone was announced to the lineup called the Lumia 610. The Lumia 610 is a lower price and basic smartphone. At the end, Nokia released their final phone during MWC. It was the 808 PureView. It has an amazing 41-megapixel camera. Imagine that camera on a phone.

Asus announced the PadFone. It is a phone and a tablet combined. You can slide the phone into the PadStation and you can use it as a 10 inch screen tablet. Later on you can attach a keyboard to it and make it a laptop. It runs on Ice Cream Sandwich and the phone itself has a dual-core processor and a 4.3 inch AMOLED touch screen.

LG announced the LG Optimus 3D Max. It can record 3D video that you can watch without those 3D glasses. It runs Gingerbread and has a 4.3 inch WVGA touch screen. It also has a 1.3GHz dual-core processor. LG also announced a new lineup of L-Style phones. The lineup includes the Optimus L7 and L5 (running Ice Cream Sandwich), and the L3 (running Gingerbread).

Huawei annouced the quad-core tablet which has a 10.1 inch touch screen.

Stay tuned for more Mobile World Congress news.


Samsung has previously tried to make a smartphone with an integrated projector. It was a failure but now it seems like Samsung is going for another go and they are going some where with the idea. The phone is called the Samsung Galaxy Beam.

The phone itself looks really sleek and slim. The phone has a small Pico projector on the top with the lenses facing on top and away from the phone.

The phone will be officially revealed at the Mobile World Congress in a couple of days. The really looks like no ordinary smart phone. It has a 1.0GHz dual-core processor. It runs Android Gingerbread but I really hope that there’s going to be an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich in the future. It has a 2000mAh battery. It’s probably that big because of the projector. The Beam has a 4.0-inch Super AMOLED screen. Fitting all that hardware the phone is surprisingly just 12.5mm think.

Right now there’s no word on pricing and availability but it will be displayed at Samsung’s booth at Mobile World Congress. Stay tuned for more upcoming Mobile World Congress news and releases.

Google goggles?

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If you were tuned into some recent technology news, you have probably heard of Google goggles. Rumors say, that Google is working on prototype glasses that would have a heads-up display and are compatible with features like GPS, web, weather, time, content, etc. This means that if you wear the glasses, you will see a small heads-up screen. This screen will probably be transparent and flexible and will replace the lenses or be implemented inside a layer of the lenses. On this screen you would see the web, GPS, and other things like that. This would be amazing if this were to really come out.

What about the ease of use and how to even use it. Rumors have it that you can control the interface with tilts of your head. If this were to happen, the glasses should be easily controlled without that much head movement. This would mean that the sensors would have to be really sensitive and accurate, but this could make control the interface harder too because of the sensitivity.

Also a big thing about the glasses is the GPS feature. Rumors say that the glasses will have geo-location technology and turn-by-turn GPS navigation. Imagine that when you’re walking around NYC.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is, is it stylish and fashionable. Well you don’t want to walk around with big and heavy glasses that look bulky and just not cool.

Google said that it won’t comment on any of the rumors about the glasses. This is really a challenging thing to design and test. How to make the user interface look good and actually work and how to fit all the guts and electronics inside the glasses, while keeping the design sleek and light.

Maybe we will never see these come out or we might as well will, but it’s all to come. What are your thoughts about it? You you actually want to wear these glasses? Will they actually help you? Will they harm your body because of the cellular radiation? Do you even care about this?

First off, what is a Hackintosh? Well a Hackintosh is a normal PC but with a modded or hacked version of Mac OS X  installed on it. Normally, you can’t install OS X on any PC (excluding Macs) without some sort of hacked boot-loader or kernel mods. A Hackintosh doesn’t have Apple’s hardware or components and is build inexpensively. It’s a cheap method of running OS X without buying a Mac.

I am not a fan of Hackintosh nor never built a Hackintosh before. It’s not because I don’t know how to do it but because I have respect for Apple’s EULA for OS X and in my opinion, it wouldn’t be very stable and it would support any drivers.

The most unwanted thing that could happen, is that Apple will sue you for not following and agreeing to the EULA but this could only happen if you sell OS X illegally. This happened when Psystar actually sold computers pre-designed to accept OS X as the main operating system. Apple’s won sued Psystar because of the EULA. Apple won and Psystar was permanent barred from selling the computers.

What if a normal person wants to try out OS X and installs it onto his computer. Let’s get this all into view. Basically you don’t own a copy of OS X, even if you bought it on a USB thumb drive, legally obtained from the Apple App Store (OS X Lion) or bought the DVD (Snow Leopard and previous editions). You still do not own OS X. It’s like Apple is renting you the software for life when your pay the license fee. When you purchase a Mac, you are also purchasing the licence for the operating system for that specific computer.

If you would like to read the OS X Lion EULA click this link:

Here an excert from the EULA that states the licencing matter.

The Apple software (including Boot ROM code), any third party software, documentation, interfaces, content, fonts and any data accompanying this License whether preinstalled on Apple-branded hardware, on disk, in read only memory, on any other media or in any other form (collectively the “Apple Software”) are licensed, not sold, to you by Apple Inc. (“Apple”) for use only under the terms of this License. Apple and/or Apple’s licensors retain ownership of the Apple Software itself and reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.

Basically it is illegal to make and build a Hackintosh from the privacy of your own home. OS X sends usage statistics to Apple and Apple may or may not, catch you on a Hackintosh. Apple may or may not sue you but the chances are really slim to not get caught. Again I’m not saying that you should make a Hackintosh, just get a Mac already if you want to try out OS X. There nothing to lose. OS X is a really good operating system, just like Windows. You just cannot really compare them both. If Apple were to sue you, you will never win, because they have the EULA and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to back them up. Some might way that Apple is wrong but it’s Apple, they do what they want to do.

Take Microsoft and Windows for example, they don’t make the hardware and computers to run Windows. They only licence the software for it to run on a PC.

Always remember that you don’t own a copy of OS X even if you buy it or if it came with your computer. Running OS X on a PC is a violation, it is legally made to run on Macs and it need to run on Macs. OS X is only intended to run on Apple hardware and platforms. Again the chances of being caught are really, really slim.

It is really hard to start a blog, well for me it was. I needed to find a perfect name and then fit blogging into my daily schedule. I put together some steps and tips on how to make your blog successful and somewhat popular. These are the same steps I followed to get my blog setup and get into the routine of posting articles.

What’s the most important thing in a blog, content. You need to have good content to start and make your blog successful. You need to really take time and effort to write your articles. You need to write about something that would be entertaining, informative, or interesting to your audience or readers. You also need to look at how your writing. Use proper grammar, punctuation and always spell-check your words. Sometimes people might not understand what something means so try to write your articles with as much sense as possible but do not repeat something over and over again. It would make the article less appealing and boring to the reader and he or she might quit reading. Also separate your topics or ideas about or in the article into different paragraphs. Don’t type the entire article in one paragraph. Overall just try to make your articles appealing and understandable and after a while and after some practice, you will be writing articles without even thinking back or about them.

Now that you have decided what to write about and learned how to write articles well, you would need to start and set up your blog. There are many different services and options for hosting a blog including WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Weebly, the list goes on and on. You might be asking yourself, which one do I choose and which one’s better. Well it all depends on you and your requirements. Personally, I recommend my favorite blog service, WordPress. It has a wonderful and easy interface, its has a lot of cool features, it supports different themes and mobile versions, and it’s really compatible. This is only my opinion and for my needs, WordPress is more than I wanted. Usually, blog services have instructions and tutorials about their services and how to start a blog. Your expectations and needs might be different, so think about them and look at all of the blogging services out there. All of them are great and have their pros and cons.

Now that you have started your blog and maybe posted some content, you need to create a routine. By routine I mean devoting a section of your daily schedule to put up one or two or even more posts, but always keep in mind your content. If your stuck on what to write, search the web for some tech news or information and write about it. Give facts and details and even give your opinion about it.

Now that your posting on your blog on a routine and devoting effort and time into it and really caring about it, you need to make your blog some what popular. The easiest way to do that is to comment on other people’s blogs. They might be interested in your blog and follow and read your post and articles, but you need to like and read their articles too. Also encourage other to visit your blog. Maybe your in a situation where your talking about something that you wrote about on your blog. Tell them about your post and ask them to read it. They might get more information easier and they might also like your blog. Also, if you can, make a Facebook or Twitter page pertaining to your blog. Post links to your blog articles on there and encourage your friends or followers to visit your site. More traffic on your blog will mean more people being interested in what your writing about.  If your blog views grow, your readers like what your doing, so continue what your writing about or whatever your doing. The most important thing is being patient. You will not get a lot of view the first day of your blog. It takes time to become popular. The bottom line is involvement. Be involved in your blog as well as other blogs. Communicate and interact is the key.

I hope this article helped you and that you will take my advice and steps. It’s slowly working for me and I really like my routine. I would be happy to review other people’s blog and/or articles. If your interested email me at:

with your article’s or blog’s link and your comments and questions. I will contact you back as soon as I possibly can. I would give you comments and maybe ideas on what to change on your article.

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Guild Wars 2 is the most anticipated game to soon be released. ArenaNet has asked beta testers to be interested in the largest project of the company. The closed beta started in December of 2011. Since then, not many people could interact and take part in the early phases of testing of Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars is a series of fantasy role-playing games in the world of Cantha. It is both a single-player role playing game and a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). It doesn’t have a monthly subscription.

If you would like to sign up for the beta test, it’s fairly simple. The link to the sign up website for Guild Wars 2 is below.

You will first need to download a small program that will test your system and specs and send them to ArenaNet. When the test is complete, you will be automatically sent to a page where you can submit your email address, age, guild name (optional) and submit to receive news and updates about the release.

If you’re one of the lucky people to be selected, you will receive an email invitation from ArenaNet with further instructions on how to continue.

There’s nothing to lose, try to be one of the lucky ones to get into the beta. Go ahead and try it.

I was watching Chris Pirillo’s daily live TLDR, if you don’t know what that is check out the his YouTube channel called Lockergnome, , he is a really popular tech enthusiast. In his TLDR, he talked about running Windows 7 on his iPad and using Microsoft Office too. You also get 2GB of cloud storage with Windows 7 to store your documents and pictures. The application is called OnLive Desktop. Here is Chris Pirillo’s article about it on

Hope you enjoy his article and please look forward to my blog for more blogs.

Rumor Rage: iOS 6

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Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 5, was the most advanced mobile operating system in the world. It had a good amount of new features like better Twitter integration and iCloud, but what will we expect from the next rumored edition of iOS, iOS 6. I have gathered up some of the rumors and thrown in some of my ideas.

First off, iOS has a really significant design aspect. It has several home-screens with icons to your applications. Maybe we’ll see some widgets or items that go onto the home-screen. For example a calendar or a clock. I think, iOS will never get widgets. It would make iOS loose its personality and differences. Almost every mobile operating system has some sort of home-screen widgets. In my opinion it would also make iOS less luxurious and simple.

A big thing that would probably be in iOS 6 is better integration and more devices with Siri, Apple’s voice command system. I can see some problems and benefits to that. One problem would be that if Siri were to run on an iPod Touch, it wouldn’t work without Wi-Fi. Siri connects to Apple’s servers to receive information and to convert your voice inputs into actions for the device. An iPod Touch doesn’t have a cellular antenna or ongoing communication with the internet, well except if your connected to Wi-Fi. A benefit would be that Siri would be better know and would make all iOS devices easier and more fun to use.

What about that feature called iCloud, in iOS 6, Apple must design better integration with iCloud and a little more usage to it. iCloud for now just syncs your photos, apps, iTunes stuff, and documents with other iOS devices and Macs. If Apple were to add in mobile streaming or something more or big into iCloud, they would probably get more users to use iCloud.

Everybody wants to communicate and talk face to face with each other. That’s why Apple created FaceTime, but you can only use it through a Wi-Fi connection. That’s a big downfall and problem. There are a lot of reasons why it doesn’t work. One reason could be that Apple doesn’t want users to be shocked at their phone bill. FaceTime uses a lot of bandwidth and internet speed. This brings in another problem, speed. Is 3G fast enough to handle live chat. Just think about it, live video and your voice is streamed from one device to another in real-time. Apple would not want to make it a bad experience with FaceTime, but one fix to that would be if they lowered the resolution of the live video chat on 3G and make it higher to Wi-Fi.

Mostly everyone goes onto the web on their devices. Apple’s mobile internet browser, Safari, hasn’t been updated in a while, both the user interface and performance wise. The user interface of Safari doesn’t really look nice and sleek like the rest of iOS. All of the features are amazing but I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple replaces the separate URL bar and the search bar with a unified search bar, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. That would make it less advanced looking to the eye but stylish. Also performance wise, HTML 5 should be better integrated and upgraded in Safari. Right now it isn’t that powerful as other mobile web browsers. I’m sure that Adobe Flash Player will never come to iOS because there plainly no reason for it. Also, Apple needs to take in mind hardware acceleration and battery life. Hardware acceleration and battery life need to be balanced. What I mean by this is that browsing the web on Safari needs to be really light on the battery life but take as much usage of hardware as possible.

Most people use their iPhone to travel and to use as a GPS. There isn’t a really good navigation system inside iOS. Third-party apps from the App Store can be used for GPS. Apple should work on getting a good navigation system that’s fast, sleek, and matches iOS. Also, the Maps app does its job of viewing maps but it needs to have more features and better integration with the rest of iOS. By better integration, I mean that you can post your locations really easily to Facebook or other services, seamlessly in iOS itself and that you can share locations or maps by email or social media really quickly.

Most people watch YouTube on their mobile devices. Apple needs to upgrade the YouTube app adding more features, better quality and faster loading of videos. Also a big thing would be to integrate watching YouTube live and commenting live and even also stream live to YouTube through the app.

Twitter has been deeply integrated with iOS 5, you can post pictures from your albums, shared locations, and quick post to Twitter. What about Facebook, what about Google +. Those are some big social media networks. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple would make iOS 6 more integrated with these big social media giants. It’s all about content and how to publish it. Apple also needs to keep in mind, how to do it seamlessly and really nicely and stylishly to match the rest of iOS.

iOS is one of the most secured and safe mobile operating system in the world. I would be surprised it Apple would push that further. Make web surfing safer and more secured. Make emails and personal messages more secured. I’m not only talking about cyber-attacks or hackers but if you lose your iPhone for example. You want the data on that iPhone to be a secured as possible so that nobody except you can look at it. Apple should make the unlock screen more safer, photos to be kept safe, and better and easier remote controlling and locking of the device.

A lot of people use their iPhone as a pocket camera. I really hope that Apple would add in even more features to customize and fix your photos and videos and easier ways to share it. That 8MP amazing HD camera wasn’t put in the iPhone for nothing. Apple needs to make good use of it like add a Photobooth app to the iPhone. Photobooth is a fun way to take wacky photos of you and your friends. Photobooth is only available on the iPad. Why not bring it to the iPhone.

All this are just predictions and rumors. Apple really needs to keep in mind to keep the user friendliness, luxurious feeling and strong reputation of iOS and its user interface. Apple never wants to make anything worse, they defiantly want to make it better. You’ll never know what Apple could think of, because there’s always a “one more thing” at Apple.

Rumor Rage: iPad 3 (Update)

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Rumors have it that the back of the iPad 3 has been leaked. It is just a little bit thicker and it has the same same and design. It’s probably a little thicker because Apple wants to improve the battery life and size. I’m pretty sure that the battery will get and upgrade.

Also there’s a possibility of a dual back-light system in the iPad 3. This makes the screen clears and even more brighter but it could hurt the battery life of the iPad.

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