Mac OS X Mountain Lion! Next version of Mac OS X?

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Apple, OS X
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Yes, Apple has finally announced the next version to the Mac OS X line up. The next update is called Mac OS X Mountain Lion. There motto for this Mountain Lion is: “Inspired by iPad. Re-imagined for Mac. It’s not going to be a major update but some added features like:

  • iCloud – better integration with iCloud and you just need to sign in with your Apple ID and your Mac is all synced up
  • Messages – send messages to iOS users for free
  • Reminders – app that you set reminders in
  • Notes – better and synced notes app
  • Notifications Center – see all your Mac’s notifications in one place fast and easy
  • Share Sheets – share, add to your reading list, email web-pages and photos from just one click of a button
  • Twitter – better Twitter integration almost like iOS 5 integrated Twitter
  • Game Center – brings Game Center from iOS to Mac
  • AirPlay Mirroring – mirror your Mac’s screen fast and easily with your Apple TV
  • Gatekeeper – it helps you protect your Mac from unknowingly downloading and installing malicious software, filters malware and makes your Mac even safer
  • New features for China – add support for China services like email and a Chinese search provider also better typing

In my opinion, Apple wants to make Mac OS X a better and easier experience. It looks like Mountain Lion will be close to iOS, with the Notification Center, Game Center and all of the other features. With Mac OS X Lion (current edition) they put in a feature called Launchpad, which is just like the iOS devices home-screen, with icons of apps and folders created by the user. I’m not comparing Windows against Mac OS X, but just looking at Windows, their sort of trying to understand the fact of user friendliness and better experience with the new Metro UI. I don’t know if Metro would be a success for desktops with a mouse but its surly going to be a competition in the tablet market, since Metro was imagined for touch-screens and interfaces overall. There trying to make Mac OS X mostly more user friendly also with lesser frustrations.

If you are in the Mac Developer Program, you can most certainly try out the Developer Preview of Mountain Lion. The only feature that anyone can try out right now is Messages. You can install Messages on any Mac running Lion. Messages is currently in the beta stage. I hope that Mac OS X Mountain Lion will be a great successor to the Mac OS X line up.

Apple stated on their website that Mac OS X Mountain Lion will be available for upgrade officially in the summer of 2012. To see Apple’s Sneak Peak of Mountain Lion, click the link to be redirected to Apple’s website.

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