Rumor Rage: iPad 3

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Apple, Rumor Rage
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There are a lot of rumor going on about Apple’s next iPad. I have put all of the rumors I have heard and though would be acceptable into this article.

First off, the screen. When you save the Retna display for the first time, you never wanted to take your eyes off it. It was really sharp with fitting up to 32 pixels per inch and with a resolution of 960-by-640 pixels. It’s one of the most advanced screens in a mobile phone. I have to say that if Apple doesn’t put in the Retna display into the iPad 3, it would be a big disappointment. It is speculated that the resolution of that screen will be 2048×1536. That’s amazing for a 9.7″ tablet. I’m sure a lot of people want a sharper screen on that brilliant tablet.

Another big rumor was 4G! Will the iPad 3 support the newest and fastest cellular system. There are a lot of 4G devices out there in the market. I would not be surprised to see Apple try to catch up and try to incorporate 4G into their devices, but on the other hand, I don’t know if Apple could take of a risk of 4G when it isn’t supported in some areas. 4G is only supported in big cities in the United States.

Siri has been a big success on the iPhone 4S. I’m sure Apple would incorporate Siri into this high luxury tablet. Siri is a personal voice assistant. It’s like a maid but for iOS. It can send a text message or make very simple tasks, by just you speaking the instructions. I would know why Apple wouldn’t do this for the iPad, but there’s only one problem. Siri only works if your connected to the internet. On the iPhone 4S, your always connected because you have the cellular antenna but in the WiFi only model of the iPad, you will need to connect to the internet to use Siri. That would make it not that useful sometimes, but we’ll just need to see what Apple says about it.

You have seen the A5 chip in the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. The A5 chip is a dual-core chip clocked to 1GHz. It is a very advanced chip and with remarkable performance. I’m sure that Apple would try to make an “A6″ chip. Rumors have it that it would be a quad-core chip clocked to 1GHz or even more. That would be really amazing if Apple would make that. That would be a break through in mobile technology and phones.

Using the back facing camera on the iPad isn’t that popular as using the front facing camera. With the iPad 2 with the A5 chip and the Photo-booth app, it makes it really fun and easy to take funny pictures with friends and family. Almost Facetime is a HUGE thing on the iPad. Talking with someone and seeing them on that big of a mobile screen is just plainly amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple upgraded the front facing camera to a HD camera. It would make taking pictures more clearer and Facetime less choppy and more clear.

Some people say that NFC (near field communication) is a big thing to be in the iPad 3. Why? Why? Why? and Why? It’s understandable with a phone or a small device but with a huge 9.7” screen tablet. For example, NFC is mainly used and created for easy payments at the store. When you walk into the store, how many people actually have an iPad with them and actually want to pay through an iPad. NFC is currently no important for the iPad and I’m positive that Apple would not include this feature. The iPad at least has Bluetooth, which is a little similar to NFC and better.

Also rumors have it that that the big A will released the iPad 3 on March 6 or March 7 in 2012.

Please remember that all these are just rumors. This is just a prediction of feature that could be in the iPad 3. If any other rumors pop up, I will make an article about it and explaining it. You never know what features Apple can add to the iPad, because you know that there a tradition of, “there’s one more thing” in Apple’s history. We’ll never know for sure about the iPad 3 until the official keynote. When that day comes, I will make a separate section on all about the iPad 3 keynote and I will be bloging every single second about new features and information.

Rumor Update #1:


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