Windows 8 Consumers Preview was just released by Microsoft today. Have you heard of Windows 8. Well, Windows 8 will be the next version of Windows released by Microsoft in the near future. It features the Metro UI start menu for applications. Almost the biggest feature in Windows 8, is the Application Store.

My impressions of Windows 8 are good. I have used the Consumers Preview for about a day now, and I really like Windows 8. I quickly got used to the Metro UI start menu and the application of Windows 8. Another improvement Windows has done is to the installation and the internet experience. First, about the installation, the installation is really simple and also has more features. Secondly, the internet experience, Windows 8 has a great new version of Internet Explorer 10. It’s really good but it doesn’t support plugins on the Metro UI application.

Try Windows 8 out and download the Consumers Preview today. Always remember to install it on another partition or do an upgrade. Never format your drive, unless you really want to. Formatting your drive will erase all of your data on that drive and your installed operating system.

I am really interested in more beta’s of Windows 8 and news. Please stay tuned for more  posted posts about Windows 8.


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