There are going to be 9 versions of Windows 8…. what!

Posted: March 4, 2012 in beta releases, Microsoft, Windows 8
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Yes, it was reported shortly after the Windows 8 event at Mobile World Congress. Windows 8, supposedly, will have 9 different versions of Windows. In my opinion, this really doesn’t  make sense. Windows should just make one version of Windows and have other features or packages buy-able or upgrade-able into the system. Here are the rumor versions of Windows 8:

Windows 8 Enterprise Edition

Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation Edition

Windows 8 Home Basic Edition

Windows 8 Home Premium Edition

Windows 8 ARM Edition

Windows 8 Professional Edition

Windows 8 Professional Plus Edition

Windows 8 Starter Edition

Windows 8 Ultimate Edition

Told you it was a big list. Look at Windows 8 Professional and Windows 8 Professional Plus. What could be the difference between those two versions. Also why does Microsoft still offer Windows 8 Starter? Really, when will Microsoft learn that less is more.

Please stay tuned for my full review and commentaries on the Windows 8 Consumers Preview. I will later make that article into a video showing the features in the Windows 8 Consumers Preview. I am using the Windows 8 Consumers Preview as my main operating system. I really like reporting my problems I encounter and feedback to Microsoft. I hope that they will fix all the bugs. I will also try to post and talk about the bugs in the Windows 8 Consumers Preview. Stay tuned for more Windows 8 news.



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