How to unlock a Samsung Windows Phone – Mango update

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Tutorials
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For those Windows Phone 7 Mango users out there that feel that Windows Phone 7 just isn’t enough, have you ever though off unlocking or rooting or jailbreaking (what ever its called now). If you have a Samsung Windows Phone, then your in luck. Of course you can unlock other brands but this tutorial is for Samsung phones only. I will post other tutorials on how to unlock other brands later.

The unlock tool that is going to be used in this tutorial is called WindowBreak Me. If you want more details on it goto the Windows Phone Hacker website. You can also watch the Windows Phone Hacker’s tutorial video on this post about WindowBreak Me. Keep in mind: You are preforming this hack to your phone at your risk. Geeky Gremlin nor the blog owner are not responsible for any damage to your phone, yourself, or anything else that occurs related to this hack. I can help you fix your phone if it is a fixable problem. Just email me at: I check my email daily and regularly go I will message you back as soon as I possibly can. 

So lets get back to the unlock. Follow and read these steps really carefully. If you would like a video of how to unlock your phone, goto WindowsPhoneHacker’s article. I will create a more detailed video tutorial later on in the future. (“WindowBreak Me” was not created by me. It was created by the WindowsPhoneHacker. This unlock was tested and is perfectly secure and safe.)

Lets get started. Note: Its recommended that you restart your phone before the unlock. These instructions are from the WindowsPhoneHacker article

1) Open up your Samsung Windows Phone 7 web browser (internet explorer) and head to this URL:

2) Click or tap “WindowBreak Me”

3) Tap on “windowbreak” (part of it is obscured, but there should be an arrow pointing at it)

4) A browser window should open up. Just ignore it.

5) Go to the dialer and dial    ##634#

6) A diagnostics keypad should appear. Dial   *#9908#

7) Select “windowbreak” from the dropdown list

8) Press Save and reboot the device to restore your data settings and 3G.

Your Done! That was it! Now you can sideload applications using the Windows Phone Application Deployment Tool on your computer. To get the Windows Phone Application Deployment Tool, you first need to install the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK from the Microsoft website. Once installed, find the Application Deployment Tool (Start Menu > All Programs > Windows Phone SDK 7.1 > Application Deployment), select the target (your phone), and the XAP (the application you want to install), then just click on Deploy.

Thank you for reading my first tutorial and there is more to come.


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