Hello my name is Sebastian Sulborski. I am a student and I am interested in technology and computer things. I have been a fan of technology since I was 8 years old. I have a passion for technology and computers. My hobby is programming, computer things, and drawing. I want to make a career that has something to do about technology and computers. To start, I decided to make a blog. On this blog I’m going to write about technology news, how-to’s, reviews, and other tech things like that, but it’s not always about technology. I will write about other things. I hope that this blog will expand and get more readers. Later I’ll get into making YouTube videos. I’m planning about making YouTube videos about reviews, tech news, and other things like that.

Thank you very much for interacting and the interest in my blog and please send feedback to me about this blog. Please also write what would you want me to write more about or what would you want me to change. Please contact me: geekygremlin@gmail.com

Thank you.


Sebastian Sulborski


-blog manager


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