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Geeky Gremlin is doing really good and starting really well to be a great blog. I am really happy with this blog and I really enjoy writing articles, interacting with other blogs, and getting feedback. Thank you for all of your support for Geeky Gremlin and there’s always more to come.

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Once again, thank you for all your likes and interacting with my blog.


I am currently in the development stage of a new service I was planning on opening. It’s a service that I don’t have a name for yet, but that’s not important now. The service will help people make their websites and blogs better and more interesting. It works like this, you can submit your blog or website through a website, I’m in process of developing, and you can set up an account there. Through your account you can interact and communicate with other blogs and websites and give feedback and your opinions on those blogs and websites. With special credentials and a reviewer’s member account (Free of any cost, but you only need to be accepted into the group of reviewers. To be accepted you must apply a form and the reason why you want to become a reviewer. You can find more details in the EULA I’m in the process of writing. ) you can give feedback to websites and blogs. I will also full-on review, read-over, and give feedback to the owner and writer directly. The feedback will consist of what he or she or the website or blog owner might consider doing or keep in mind to make their blog or website more interesting, easier and better view-able. Also, the owner or writer can interact with the reviewer about their writing style and content.

This service will be free of charge without any subscriptions or memberships.

I hope you will like and take advantage of what I’m creating. I am trying my best to release it as fast as possible. I am the only person involved in this project and it really takes a lot of time to complete something like this successfully. Thank you for your involvement and support. The new service will be available for beta testing in the near future. Please comment on what I should consider changing or what I should keep in mind during the making of this service. All comments are appreciated. Thank you.

I am really sorry for not writing articles for the past few days. I was busy with a lot of school work and personal things. I hope I can get decent articles written.
Thank you for your patience.

I have change my daily routine of writing on my blog. I will be writing daily tech news articles and I will write a article every two days. This is just temporarily. I will revert back to my daily routine of writing articles in a couple of weeks. Thank you to my readers and community members.