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There has been a lot of rumors and speculations going around that Apple, the big A, is in the progress of making a television. It is rumored that the TV will have a special version of iOS on it and it will be your media hub to almost everything digital. Rumors also have it that, iTV is not the official name for the product but iPanel points to be it. I get the idea of calling it iPanel because if you think of a TV, you can only watch things on a TV, but on a panel, you can view a lot of things. This brings me back to why Apple is going to call this product iPanel (based on rumors). The iPanel, as said before, is a TV not only for watching, but with interacting with your digital media, which can mean almost anything – your social life, pictures, music, movies, shows, and all kind of stuff like that. I think that this product will be a big success, but naming a product isn’t the most important goal in the development of the product. Its what the product is itself that values the most.

What do you think about the iPanel? Leave a comment.


Since Steve Jobs’ death, many rumors have been going around that a movie will soon come around about him. Well, this look about true. Recently, Ashton Kutcher was set to play the role of Steve Jobs in a new movie about him. Over the weekend, it has been reported that, Jeff Sneider wrote that Ashton Kutcher will appear in an indie movie directed by Joshua Michael Stern from a script by Matt Whiteley. It was also reported that the movie already has funding and filming will begin in May.

My opinions on this are good. I mean, it is good that their making a movie about Steve Jobs. He was a great man and he change how the world looks at technology these days. What is your opinion? Leave a comment below.

You probably always thought of or wanted to get free apps on your iOS device. There is a way to do it called jail-breaking but I, myself, don’t recommend it. Also that method is illegal because the app developers are not getting anything in return. You don’t need to wait much longer for a legal way. Its called FreeMyApps ( You might be asking how this works. Well, its basically you download a sponsor app from the FreeMyApps service. The service gives you app credits for a specific app you select you want to download. Then, when you download the sponsored app you can download your selected app for free. Its really simple. Here are some simple steps how to get FreeMyApps on your iOS device:

1)  On your iOS device, open up Safari and goto:

2) Once you are at the FreeMyApps homepage, a message will appear to install a profile to your iOS device. Accept it, its safe and legal and it will not harm your device. For quick access, add the FreeMyApps homepage to your bookmarks on your homescreen.

3) In the top right corner of the screen you will see your virtual credits. With these credits you can download free apps legally. Goto the “Sponsor Apps” tab and download some sponsored apps to get more credits.

4) When you get enough credits to download your wanted app, you just download it. It will redirect you to the Apple App Store but don’t touch anything on your device, its getting the code and getting the game. Please note that at this moment, FreeMyApps only works in the U.S. (U.S. iTunes Store) and not in any other countries.

I hope my tutorial was helpful and I hope you enjoy FreeMyApps and getting apps for free. Please stay tuned to this blog for more tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Note: I nor this blog didn’t make, create, or get paid to advertise FreeMyApps. The owner of this blog came across FreeMyApps and decided to do a tutorial on how to get it.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, revealed the iPad 3 today. It has many improvements including a Retna Display, better cameras and 4G LTE. Also, iOS 5.1 will be out later today and the Apple TV got an update.

Let’s talk about the iPad first. The iPad is a revolutionary tablet computer. Yes, I call it a computers because, think about it, what does your computer do that the iPad doesn’t do. Almost nothing, both can be connented to the internet and both are devices. I’ll talk about that topic in one of my future articles. Back to the iPad. Talking technically, the new iPad has a 9.7-inch  2048-by-1536-pixel resolution (264 pixels per inch (ppi)) Retna Touch Display. Apple stated that it has 10 hours of battery life. I hope that is true with this big of an improvement to the display. It has the new A5X chip, which is a dual-core low-power chip with quad-core graphics. In my opinion, the Retna display combined with this quad-core graphics processor will result in better images quality and responsiveness. It comes in the normal memory sizes of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. There are two models. The Wi-Fi only iPad, and the WiFi + 4G LTE iPad. The iPad currently supports only Verizon Wireless and AT&T carriers. The camera has also been updated to a 5MP (megapixel) iSight camera. The actual shape and body of the iPad hasn’t change much.

Unfortunately, Siri wasn’t build into the new iPad. My predictions are that the iPad isn’t always going to be connected to the internet because if you buy the WiFi only model you don’t always have internet. Siri needs the internet to work. Apple probably doesn’t want to ruin the amazing experience of Siri. Another thing that was rumored about the iPad was a quad-core processor. As you read before, Apple stayed with a dual-core processor but a quad-core graphics processor. That possible could improve some performance. There were a lot more rumors like a 128GB version of the iPad, a new design, and lighter weight but we unfortunately didn’t see that.

Apple also talked about iOS 5.1. It will add Siri in Japanese.

Apple also talked about some apps like iWork (minor improvements and added features) and Garageband. Garageband has got a few new features like Smart Strings, Note Editor, iCloud, and Sharing. Garageband will stay at the price of $9.99. Apple also launched an app called iPhoto. Apple basically is bringing the amazing iPhoto app for a Mac onto iOS. It has been reported that iPhoto can work with photos up to 19 megapixels in size! iPhoto will cost $4.99. Also iMovie for the Mac was updated bringing 1080p support for videos.

The Apple TV has been slightly updated with a new user-interface and the ability to play 1080p content. It will also have better integration with iCloud. Unfortunately, media and content streaming is still not available other than iCloud.

Apple also lowered the price of the iPad 2 to $399.99 (base model).

Do you think that the iPad 3 is worth upgrading from the iPad 2? Do you like or dislike some of the features?

First off, what is a Hackintosh? Well a Hackintosh is a normal PC but with a modded or hacked version of Mac OS X  installed on it. Normally, you can’t install OS X on any PC (excluding Macs) without some sort of hacked boot-loader or kernel mods. A Hackintosh doesn’t have Apple’s hardware or components and is build inexpensively. It’s a cheap method of running OS X without buying a Mac.

I am not a fan of Hackintosh nor never built a Hackintosh before. It’s not because I don’t know how to do it but because I have respect for Apple’s EULA for OS X and in my opinion, it wouldn’t be very stable and it would support any drivers.

The most unwanted thing that could happen, is that Apple will sue you for not following and agreeing to the EULA but this could only happen if you sell OS X illegally. This happened when Psystar actually sold computers pre-designed to accept OS X as the main operating system. Apple’s won sued Psystar because of the EULA. Apple won and Psystar was permanent barred from selling the computers.

What if a normal person wants to try out OS X and installs it onto his computer. Let’s get this all into view. Basically you don’t own a copy of OS X, even if you bought it on a USB thumb drive, legally obtained from the Apple App Store (OS X Lion) or bought the DVD (Snow Leopard and previous editions). You still do not own OS X. It’s like Apple is renting you the software for life when your pay the license fee. When you purchase a Mac, you are also purchasing the licence for the operating system for that specific computer.

If you would like to read the OS X Lion EULA click this link:

Here an excert from the EULA that states the licencing matter.

The Apple software (including Boot ROM code), any third party software, documentation, interfaces, content, fonts and any data accompanying this License whether preinstalled on Apple-branded hardware, on disk, in read only memory, on any other media or in any other form (collectively the “Apple Software”) are licensed, not sold, to you by Apple Inc. (“Apple”) for use only under the terms of this License. Apple and/or Apple’s licensors retain ownership of the Apple Software itself and reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.

Basically it is illegal to make and build a Hackintosh from the privacy of your own home. OS X sends usage statistics to Apple and Apple may or may not, catch you on a Hackintosh. Apple may or may not sue you but the chances are really slim to not get caught. Again I’m not saying that you should make a Hackintosh, just get a Mac already if you want to try out OS X. There nothing to lose. OS X is a really good operating system, just like Windows. You just cannot really compare them both. If Apple were to sue you, you will never win, because they have the EULA and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to back them up. Some might way that Apple is wrong but it’s Apple, they do what they want to do.

Take Microsoft and Windows for example, they don’t make the hardware and computers to run Windows. They only licence the software for it to run on a PC.

Always remember that you don’t own a copy of OS X even if you buy it or if it came with your computer. Running OS X on a PC is a violation, it is legally made to run on Macs and it need to run on Macs. OS X is only intended to run on Apple hardware and platforms. Again the chances of being caught are really, really slim.

Rumor Rage: iPad 3 (Update)

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Rumors have it that the back of the iPad 3 has been leaked. It is just a little bit thicker and it has the same same and design. It’s probably a little thicker because Apple wants to improve the battery life and size. I’m pretty sure that the battery will get and upgrade.

Also there’s a possibility of a dual back-light system in the iPad 3. This makes the screen clears and even more brighter but it could hurt the battery life of the iPad.

I do not own these two images above, they are from

The Apple store is only three and a half years old and the 25 billionth app downloaded is close to come. Who ever is the person that downloads the 25 billionth app from the Apple App Store will win a $10,000(USB) Apple Store Gift Card. You can enter the cointest without purchasing or downloading any apps by filling out the entry form on Apple’s website. (Link provided below)

If you want to see how many apps are being downloaded realtime. Click the link below to be directed the Apple’s website page.

I wish you all good luck!

Yes, Apple has finally announced the next version to the Mac OS X line up. The next update is called Mac OS X Mountain Lion. There motto for this Mountain Lion is: “Inspired by iPad. Re-imagined for Mac. It’s not going to be a major update but some added features like:

  • iCloud – better integration with iCloud and you just need to sign in with your Apple ID and your Mac is all synced up
  • Messages – send messages to iOS users for free
  • Reminders – app that you set reminders in
  • Notes – better and synced notes app
  • Notifications Center – see all your Mac’s notifications in one place fast and easy
  • Share Sheets – share, add to your reading list, email web-pages and photos from just one click of a button
  • Twitter – better Twitter integration almost like iOS 5 integrated Twitter
  • Game Center – brings Game Center from iOS to Mac
  • AirPlay Mirroring – mirror your Mac’s screen fast and easily with your Apple TV
  • Gatekeeper – it helps you protect your Mac from unknowingly downloading and installing malicious software, filters malware and makes your Mac even safer
  • New features for China – add support for China services like email and a Chinese search provider also better typing

In my opinion, Apple wants to make Mac OS X a better and easier experience. It looks like Mountain Lion will be close to iOS, with the Notification Center, Game Center and all of the other features. With Mac OS X Lion (current edition) they put in a feature called Launchpad, which is just like the iOS devices home-screen, with icons of apps and folders created by the user. I’m not comparing Windows against Mac OS X, but just looking at Windows, their sort of trying to understand the fact of user friendliness and better experience with the new Metro UI. I don’t know if Metro would be a success for desktops with a mouse but its surly going to be a competition in the tablet market, since Metro was imagined for touch-screens and interfaces overall. There trying to make Mac OS X mostly more user friendly also with lesser frustrations.

If you are in the Mac Developer Program, you can most certainly try out the Developer Preview of Mountain Lion. The only feature that anyone can try out right now is Messages. You can install Messages on any Mac running Lion. Messages is currently in the beta stage. I hope that Mac OS X Mountain Lion will be a great successor to the Mac OS X line up.

Apple stated on their website that Mac OS X Mountain Lion will be available for upgrade officially in the summer of 2012. To see Apple’s Sneak Peak of Mountain Lion, click the link to be redirected to Apple’s website.

Rumor Rage: iPad 3

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There are a lot of rumor going on about Apple’s next iPad. I have put all of the rumors I have heard and though would be acceptable into this article.

First off, the screen. When you save the Retna display for the first time, you never wanted to take your eyes off it. It was really sharp with fitting up to 32 pixels per inch and with a resolution of 960-by-640 pixels. It’s one of the most advanced screens in a mobile phone. I have to say that if Apple doesn’t put in the Retna display into the iPad 3, it would be a big disappointment. It is speculated that the resolution of that screen will be 2048×1536. That’s amazing for a 9.7″ tablet. I’m sure a lot of people want a sharper screen on that brilliant tablet.

Another big rumor was 4G! Will the iPad 3 support the newest and fastest cellular system. There are a lot of 4G devices out there in the market. I would not be surprised to see Apple try to catch up and try to incorporate 4G into their devices, but on the other hand, I don’t know if Apple could take of a risk of 4G when it isn’t supported in some areas. 4G is only supported in big cities in the United States.

Siri has been a big success on the iPhone 4S. I’m sure Apple would incorporate Siri into this high luxury tablet. Siri is a personal voice assistant. It’s like a maid but for iOS. It can send a text message or make very simple tasks, by just you speaking the instructions. I would know why Apple wouldn’t do this for the iPad, but there’s only one problem. Siri only works if your connected to the internet. On the iPhone 4S, your always connected because you have the cellular antenna but in the WiFi only model of the iPad, you will need to connect to the internet to use Siri. That would make it not that useful sometimes, but we’ll just need to see what Apple says about it.

You have seen the A5 chip in the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. The A5 chip is a dual-core chip clocked to 1GHz. It is a very advanced chip and with remarkable performance. I’m sure that Apple would try to make an “A6″ chip. Rumors have it that it would be a quad-core chip clocked to 1GHz or even more. That would be really amazing if Apple would make that. That would be a break through in mobile technology and phones.

Using the back facing camera on the iPad isn’t that popular as using the front facing camera. With the iPad 2 with the A5 chip and the Photo-booth app, it makes it really fun and easy to take funny pictures with friends and family. Almost Facetime is a HUGE thing on the iPad. Talking with someone and seeing them on that big of a mobile screen is just plainly amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple upgraded the front facing camera to a HD camera. It would make taking pictures more clearer and Facetime less choppy and more clear.

Some people say that NFC (near field communication) is a big thing to be in the iPad 3. Why? Why? Why? and Why? It’s understandable with a phone or a small device but with a huge 9.7” screen tablet. For example, NFC is mainly used and created for easy payments at the store. When you walk into the store, how many people actually have an iPad with them and actually want to pay through an iPad. NFC is currently no important for the iPad and I’m positive that Apple would not include this feature. The iPad at least has Bluetooth, which is a little similar to NFC and better.

Also rumors have it that that the big A will released the iPad 3 on March 6 or March 7 in 2012.

Please remember that all these are just rumors. This is just a prediction of feature that could be in the iPad 3. If any other rumors pop up, I will make an article about it and explaining it. You never know what features Apple can add to the iPad, because you know that there a tradition of, “there’s one more thing” in Apple’s history. We’ll never know for sure about the iPad 3 until the official keynote. When that day comes, I will make a separate section on all about the iPad 3 keynote and I will be bloging every single second about new features and information.

Rumor Update #1: