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You probably always thought of or wanted to get free apps on your iOS device. There is a way to do it called jail-breaking but I, myself, don’t recommend it. Also that method is illegal because the app developers are not getting anything in return. You don’t need to wait much longer for a legal way. Its called FreeMyApps ( You might be asking how this works. Well, its basically you download a sponsor app from the FreeMyApps service. The service gives you app credits for a specific app you select you want to download. Then, when you download the sponsored app you can download your selected app for free. Its really simple. Here are some simple steps how to get FreeMyApps on your iOS device:

1)  On your iOS device, open up Safari and goto:

2) Once you are at the FreeMyApps homepage, a message will appear to install a profile to your iOS device. Accept it, its safe and legal and it will not harm your device. For quick access, add the FreeMyApps homepage to your bookmarks on your homescreen.

3) In the top right corner of the screen you will see your virtual credits. With these credits you can download free apps legally. Goto the “Sponsor Apps” tab and download some sponsored apps to get more credits.

4) When you get enough credits to download your wanted app, you just download it. It will redirect you to the Apple App Store but don’t touch anything on your device, its getting the code and getting the game. Please note that at this moment, FreeMyApps only works in the U.S. (U.S. iTunes Store) and not in any other countries.

I hope my tutorial was helpful and I hope you enjoy FreeMyApps and getting apps for free. Please stay tuned to this blog for more tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Note: I nor this blog didn’t make, create, or get paid to advertise FreeMyApps. The owner of this blog came across FreeMyApps and decided to do a tutorial on how to get it.


The iPhone was introduced on  January 9, 2007 by Steve Jobs at the Macworld Convention. Jobs really believed that small tablet PC’s and PDA’s wasn’t an industry for Apple to get into. Apple wanted to get into the cell-phone industry. They started with the iPhone. When it was first introduced, Steve Jobs said, that the iPhone will revolutionize the phone. Was Steve Jobs quote right?

Mobile-phone came out in the early 1990’s. They completely changed how people communicated with each other. Think about the first mobile phone that was made. It was almost as big as a brick. It had a long antenna and the call quality was completely terrible compared to today. Those phones couldn’t get onto the internet nor have any entertainment options. Some probably didn’t even have screens. The first popular smart-phone came out in 1993. It was an IBM phone with a touchscreen and email. Then there was the Palm Pilot, then Windows CE, then Symbian, then Blackberry, and in 2007, the Apple iPhone. Android was developed around a year later and later came Windows Phone 7 and so on.

The iPhone at launch, for some, was really stupid and the OS was really “un-advanced”. After iPhone OS 2.0 came out, the iPhone got applications and a more variety of features. That’s when the iPhone was gaining some attention. Overall, the iPhone had a really slow and gradual popularity rate. People just didn’t like the iPhone and didn’t want it. When the iPhone 2G was introduced, this all somewhat changed. The iPhone was starting to get really big with many entertainment options and more features. It was a really unique phone at the time. The unique design is what made it so popular. Not many phones, back then during the iPhone 2G time, didn’t have touch-screens. Now if you take a look at the majority of smart-phones in the market, they all have touch-screens. Of course that there were touch-screen phones before the iPhone but the iPhone pushed that technology further. The iPhone set standards for the smart phone market.

So did the iPhone really revolutionize the phone? I would have to say yes. Think about what smart phones would be like today without Apple nor the iPhone. I would have to say, really different.