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iTunes was first released on January 9, 2001 at Macworld San Francisco. If you don’t know what iTunes is, then your probably don’t own an Apple device. iTunes is a media player program, used for downloading content like digital music, applications, books, and organizing media. iTunes was called iTunes since the first released version but don’t you think think that iTunes is a bad name for this great application. I mean, on iTunes you can download content – movies, applications, music, sync your Apple mobile devices, and managed content. I think iTunes is a inappropriate name because, as you can see, iTunes isn’t all about music anymore. It has evolved extremely. It even has its own social network integrated in it called Ping. In my opinion, Ping is just a feature in iTunes, not a huge thing.

So do you think Apple should or should not change iTunes to something else?

What would you think Apple should change iTunes to?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments. Thank you.