I am currently in the development stage of a new service I was planning on opening. It’s a service that I don’t have a name for yet, but that’s not important now. The service will help people make their websites and blogs better and more interesting. It works like this, you can submit your blog or website through a website, I’m in process of developing, and you can set up an account there. Through your account you can interact and communicate with other blogs and websites and give feedback and your opinions on those blogs and websites. With special credentials and a reviewer’s member account (Free of any cost, but you only need to be accepted into the group of reviewers. To be accepted you must apply a form and the reason why you want to become a reviewer. You can find more details in the EULA I’m in the process of writing. ) you can give feedback to websites and blogs. I will also full-on review, read-over, and give feedback to the owner and writer directly. The feedback will consist of what he or she or the website or blog owner might consider doing or keep in mind to make their blog or website more interesting, easier and better view-able. Also, the owner or writer can interact with the reviewer about their writing style and content.

This service will be free of charge without any subscriptions or memberships.

I hope you will like and take advantage of what I’m creating. I am trying my best to release it as fast as possible. I am the only person involved in this project and it really takes a lot of time to complete something like this successfully. Thank you for your involvement and support. The new service will be available for beta testing in the near future. Please comment on what I should consider changing or what I should keep in mind during the making of this service. All comments are appreciated. Thank you.


Are you always stuck in traffic and looking for a solution, well check out this flying car. Flying cars were talked about all the way back in the 1980s. It was a dream back then but its slowly becoming reality. Remember those funny looking prototype cars with wings that fold up, down, left, and right.

Well, if you haven’t been paying attention what’s happening at the New York Auto Show, then your missing out on a lot of cool stuff. Recently, a flying car design prototype was unveiled by a manufacturer named Terrafugia. The car is street-capable and is priced at around $279,000. This car is named the Transition. As you can tell from the name, the car transition’s itself into a small passenger airplane. Here are some basic facts about the Transition from the Terrafugia.com website.

  • can take off or land at any public general aviation airport, but needs at least 2,500 feet of runway.
  • on the ground it can be driven on any road and parked in a standard parking space or household garage
  • the Transition is considered a Light Sport Aircraft and a Multipurpose Passenger Vehicle
  • the wings extend and fold within 30 seconds

It was stated on Terrafugia’s website, that roughly 100 aircraft have been already reserved. I can’t even imagine, in a good way, driving to a local store or to work everyday in one of these things. Its unbelievable. Imagine walking into a dealership for cars a few years from now and seeing this. How many people are actually interested in this? Now you folks really need to start paying attention more to those traffic rules. Imagine how dangerous this could be if would use it. Now, I’m not saying the Transition is a bad aircraft or product.

I’m saying that some consumers aren’t ready for a change. To some people, this isn’t important to them, and to other people, it is and other people are interested in it. It all depends on personality. Also, the national general air space should get really for this. More Air Traffic Controllers should be placed and more strict rules. Now, I can guarantee that, not everybody won’t be driving one of these every morning  for over the next couple years so what’s there to worry about. True, but think about the future.

Are cars  that we use today, going to be obsolete in about 20…, 30…, or even 50… years from now?

What do you think? Leave a comment.

To get more details on the Transition, head over to Terrafugia’s website.

Windows Phone logo

I have recently been planning on buying a Windows Phone 7 but I’m asking myself this question, will Windows Phone 7 evolve into something big and will it actually become as popular as the other popular mobile platforms out there.

I would have to strongly say yes. Windows Phone 7 has an extreme future but the only think that its missing is the interest in the consumers market. Windows Phone 7 is a really new platform. It was launched by Microsoft, a really know company, in 2010, but it didn’t have that much potential at first. The first version of Windows Phone didn’t have some of the biggest features other competitors had for a long time like multitasking, more sharing options, and other minor things, and because of that poor start for Windows Phone, it lost a lot of respect and interest. Many people were interested in the idea and concept of Windows Phone at first but they were just turned away by all of the other missing features. Now I know every software or operating system needs to start small, but Windows Phone, in my opinion, just couldn’t afford to start small. It was the last big company to get into the mobile market. The only thing to get Windows Phone back into the consumers interest is, just something extraordinary and really new.

To tell you the truth, a lot of people hated the first version of iOS, officially called iPhone OS back then. They said that, iPhone OS doesn’t have a stable future and will not be big in the consumers market, but Apple kept coming out with new things and making the OS better. Soon, it became the most advanced, popular, and best mobile operating system in the world. I hope Windows will do the same thing that Apple did. I mean, just think about it, Windows Phone 7 Mango is maybe missing a few features here and there that iOS or Android have, but that doesn’t mean its a terrible and unusable mobile operating system. They all just look different. In fact, people just don’t like change. If Windows were to bring something new to Windows Phone and get people attention it will result in more developers being interested in developing for the Windows Phone platform and even more attention to Windows Phone from consumers and the public. Slowly and gradually, Windows Phone will become know better in the public and more widely used.

Personally, I think Windows Phone is a really good and amazing mobile operating system and it defiantly has its future set and is ready for competition with other platforms, but everybody else just got a head start. Windows is just behind it all. It just needs some more attention to make it bigger and better. What do you think? Leave a comment.

Some people might of already seen this commercial of the Internet Explorer web browser. It has air on some TV stations. It says that the internet should be a story, fast, and fluid. If you didn’t watch it, the video is embedded into this article. I think that Internet Explorer just wants some attention from consumers. What’s your opinion? Leave a comment on this article.


Instagram for Android!!!

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Android

Instagram has been out only on iOS for a long time, but that changed today. Instagram is now avaliable for Android. If you don’t know what Instagram is, well, it is a social network but with pictures. Users can share pictures with each other and view others’ pictures.

Here is the link to the Google Play Store to the Instagram application:


Since Steve Jobs’ death, many rumors have been going around that a movie will soon come around about him. Well, this look about true. Recently, Ashton Kutcher was set to play the role of Steve Jobs in a new movie about him. Over the weekend, it has been reported that, Jeff Sneider wrote that Ashton Kutcher will appear in an indie movie directed by Joshua Michael Stern from a script by Matt Whiteley. It was also reported that the movie already has funding and filming will begin in May.

My opinions on this are good. I mean, it is good that their making a movie about Steve Jobs. He was a great man and he change how the world looks at technology these days. What is your opinion? Leave a comment below.

What is BrowserQuest?

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Mozilla recently launched a game called BrowserQuest. Its a HTML5 based 2D game that runs native in your supported web browser. BrowserQuest is a massively multiplayer game that doesn’t need any additional downloads to your device to run. It just a simple and addictive, small challenge game.  You can kill monsters and earn upgraded armor and weapons. You have achievements and you get achievements for finding a cake on the other end of two colored portals.

Check out the game and give me your first impressions in the comments below.


At first glance, this is just amazing how Christopher Hills interacts with his computer, mouse, and his internet life.  He edits videos and loves to make changes to his website. He loves Apple but is also a PC fan. Please watch his video titled: One switch. One head. The world. He explains how he interacts with his computer in that video. The link to that video is below.


Please take a look at Chris Pirillo’s article on lockergnome.com about Christopher Hills.


Please re-post and make Christopher Hills known. It is really amazing how Christopher Hills interacts with his computer.

Galileo is a project in Santa Cruz, CA by Motrr. The Galileo is a really interesting project. It an iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform. It rotate the iPhone physically and changes it’s orientation. You can control this robot with another iOS device. The platform can pan and tilt 360* at speeds of up to 200* per second in any orientation. Its a great tool for an advanced photographer and anyone who uses video chat a lot.

Check out this project and give me your feedback on it. Thank You.



* This project wasn’t created or subtitled by me or the owner of GeekyGremlin.wordpress.com.

The game all of you Android fans have been waiting for is finally on Android. The game Temple Run was an amazing game on iOS and now its on Android. It was a really long wait but it was sure worth it. If your not a Temple Run fan, ignore this article. I’m just talking about some Android news. Don’t shot the messenger!!!

Here the link to the Google Play store to the Temple Run app.