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Geeky Gremlin is doing really good and starting really well to be a great blog. I am really happy with this blog and I really enjoy writing articles, interacting with other blogs, and getting feedback. Thank you for all of your support for Geeky Gremlin and there’s always more to come.

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I am really sorry for not writing articles for the past few days. I was busy with a lot of school work and personal things. I hope I can get decent articles written.
Thank you for your patience.

I have change my daily routine of writing on my blog. I will be writing daily tech news articles and I will write a article every two days. This is just temporarily. I will revert back to my daily routine of writing articles in a couple of weeks. Thank you to my readers and community members.

It is really hard to start a blog, well for me it was. I needed to find a perfect name and then fit blogging into my daily schedule. I put together some steps and tips on how to make your blog successful and somewhat popular. These are the same steps I followed to get my blog setup and get into the routine of posting articles.

What’s the most important thing in a blog, content. You need to have good content to start and make your blog successful. You need to really take time and effort to write your articles. You need to write about something that would be entertaining, informative, or interesting to your audience or readers. You also need to look at how your writing. Use proper grammar, punctuation and always spell-check your words. Sometimes people might not understand what something means so try to write your articles with as much sense as possible but do not repeat something over and over again. It would make the article less appealing and boring to the reader and he or she might quit reading. Also separate your topics or ideas about or in the article into different paragraphs. Don’t type the entire article in one paragraph. Overall just try to make your articles appealing and understandable and after a while and after some practice, you will be writing articles without even thinking back or about them.

Now that you have decided what to write about and learned how to write articles well, you would need to start and set up your blog. There are many different services and options for hosting a blog including WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Weebly, the list goes on and on. You might be asking yourself, which one do I choose and which one’s better. Well it all depends on you and your requirements. Personally, I recommend my favorite blog service, WordPress. It has a wonderful and easy interface, its has a lot of cool features, it supports different themes and mobile versions, and it’s really compatible. This is only my opinion and for my needs, WordPress is more than I wanted. Usually, blog services have instructions and tutorials about their services and how to start a blog. Your expectations and needs might be different, so think about them and look at all of the blogging services out there. All of them are great and have their pros and cons.

Now that you have started your blog and maybe posted some content, you need to create a routine. By routine I mean devoting a section of your daily schedule to put up one or two or even more posts, but always keep in mind your content. If your stuck on what to write, search the web for some tech news or information and write about it. Give facts and details and even give your opinion about it.

Now that your posting on your blog on a routine and devoting effort and time into it and really caring about it, you need to make your blog some what popular. The easiest way to do that is to comment on other people’s blogs. They might be interested in your blog and follow and read your post and articles, but you need to like and read their articles too. Also encourage other to visit your blog. Maybe your in a situation where your talking about something that you wrote about on your blog. Tell them about your post and ask them to read it. They might get more information easier and they might also like your blog. Also, if you can, make a Facebook or Twitter page pertaining to your blog. Post links to your blog articles on there and encourage your friends or followers to visit your site. More traffic on your blog will mean more people being interested in what your writing about.  If your blog views grow, your readers like what your doing, so continue what your writing about or whatever your doing. The most important thing is being patient. You will not get a lot of view the first day of your blog. It takes time to become popular. The bottom line is involvement. Be involved in your blog as well as other blogs. Communicate and interact is the key.

I hope this article helped you and that you will take my advice and steps. It’s slowly working for me and I really like my routine. I would be happy to review other people’s blog and/or articles. If your interested email me at:

with your article’s or blog’s link and your comments and questions. I will contact you back as soon as I possibly can. I would give you comments and maybe ideas on what to change on your article.

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