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Jaxbot from Windows Phone Hacker managed to get his hands on a pre-release version of the Windows Phone “Tango’ emulator (build 8731). He unlocked the emulator and made it available for other to download and use. You can download the emulator from his article on

In the video he made about the emulator he said that Tango (the version on the emulator) doesn’t have that many new changes. In his video he when over these topics:

  • new MMS system with multiple attachments – video and voice notes attachments
  • new system settings added
  • location services improved with a location status bar icon (location services are buggy)

Check out his video on the emulator of a more in-dept tour of these new features.

What do you think about this emulator? Are you going to even bother to download and try it out? I definitely think that Windows Phone “Tango” will be a big milestone for the Windows Phone platform. Windows will definitely put in a lot more new features into “Tango”. Leave a comment about your opinion.


Windows 8 Consumers Preview was just released by Microsoft today. Have you heard of Windows 8. Well, Windows 8 will be the next version of Windows released by Microsoft in the near future. It features the Metro UI start menu for applications. Almost the biggest feature in Windows 8, is the Application Store.

My impressions of Windows 8 are good. I have used the Consumers Preview for about a day now, and I really like Windows 8. I quickly got used to the Metro UI start menu and the application of Windows 8. Another improvement Windows has done is to the installation and the internet experience. First, about the installation, the installation is really simple and also has more features. Secondly, the internet experience, Windows 8 has a great new version of Internet Explorer 10. It’s really good but it doesn’t support plugins on the Metro UI application.

Try Windows 8 out and download the Consumers Preview today. Always remember to install it on another partition or do an upgrade. Never format your drive, unless you really want to. Formatting your drive will erase all of your data on that drive and your installed operating system.

I am really interested in more beta’s of Windows 8 and news. Please stay tuned for more  posted posts about Windows 8.

My thoughts about Windows 8.

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Software, Windows
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I have recently tried out Windows 8 and have been using it very regularly. I really like how it has changed, comparing it to the previous version of Windows, Windows 7. Windows 8, for me, totally changed how I look at and think about Windows anymore. It still has the old Windows desktop with the icons but the only thing that changed, not including some minor and major updates to the UI, was the new Metro start menu. Microsoft believes in better UI and user experience. Their also trying to catch up to the growing tablet market, by making Windows 8, the “next” version of Windows, touch compatible. Microsoft sees an opportunity for apps, games, and developers. One of the biggest things in Windows 8 is the Windows Application Store. (Not the official name) It seems like Windows wants to also go into the app market too. Microsoft is slowly catching up to the growing advantages and technologies. It’s not about what Microsoft says their going to put in Windows 8, it’s about is it going to actually work well and are the consumers going to like the features.

Windows 8 Developer Preview has been available for download for a quiet amount of time. Microsoft said that the next preview, “Windows 8 Consumers Preview” will be release during an event in Barcelona on February 29th, 2012. This is going to be a big milestone for Windows 8. I’m just wondering why are they calling it “Consumers Preview” and not “beta”.

Do you would want to try out Windows 8 Consumers Preview when it comes out?

What’s the best features or thing you really like in Windows 8?

What do you think the next version after Windows 8 is going to be called?

***I’ll try to blog live from the Barcelona event about the Windows 8 Consumers Preview so please stay tuned to my blog page and I appreciate and thank my readers.